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6 Bastion Street, Athlone Town
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  1. €50.00Al Jabel Mezza (for two)

    A great way to introduce you to our menu, servings of many different dishes, as is the Lebanese Custom. Whenever there is a cause of celebration or a happy occasion “mezza” is to be served so we invite you to try this assortment of 10 courses from a daily selection

  2. €45.00Baalbek Mezza (for two)Starters: prawns, jawaneh, fatayer b sabangh, Hommus-bil-lahm, Tabouleh. Main courses: farouj mousahab and dawood basha served with spiced potatoes & rice
  3. €45.00Sidon Mezza (for two)Starters: hommus, arayes, jawaneh, fatayer bil lahm, sanbouseck jibneh Main courses: Djaj hara & kafta served with rice and spiced potatoes.
  4. €45.00Vegetarian Mezza (for 2)Starters: French beans, garlic mushroom, baba ganouge, fatayer vegetables. Main course: Magmour & falafel served with rice and salad.


  1. €5.50Fatayer koureidesPrawns in filo pastry, coriander, garlic & spices, deep fried & served with house made chilli sauce.
  2. €5.50JawanehBaked Chicken wings marinated in coriander, spices & paprika, served with garlic mayonnaise & Lebanese bread.
  3. €5.50MoujadaraOrganic Lentils cooked with rice, Cumin, black peppers garnished with charred onions. (Vegan , Gluten Freen)
  4. €5.50Fatayer b sbaneghPastry stuffed with spinach, nuts, onions, lemon, and nutmeg fried until golden brown. (Vegetarian)
  5. €5.50FalafelSliced lettuce, tomatoes & cucumbers, topped with olives, red onions, fresh mint, feta cheese & an olive oil dressing, served with Lebanese bread. (Vegetarian)
  6. €5.50FalafelBroad beans & Chick peas minced with fresh Coriander, Cumin, & spices & fried, served with fresh salad and Tarator sauce (Gluten Free , Vegan)
  7. €5.50TaboulehMade fresh daily, with finely chopped flat parsley, diced tomatoes & spring onion tossed with Bulgul (cracked wheat), seasoned with fresh mint, and freshly squeezed lemon juice and olive oil. (Vegan)
  8. €5.50Batinjan mtabel (baba ganuge)Smoked eggplant, tahini, a touch of garlic & lemon juice served with Lebanese bread. (Vegan)
  9. €5.50FatoushFreshly cut tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, red onion & radish with toasted Lebanese bread. Flavoured with pomegranate, olive oil, garlic & sumac dressing. (Vegan)
  10. €5.50Warek areshStuffed grape leaves with rice, parsley, tomato & onion, served with Lebanese bread. (Gluten Free , Vegan)
  11. €5.50Fatayer bil lahmFried thinly rolled triangle shaped dough stuffed with ground stirloin beef, onions and pine nuts.
  12. €5.50Hommus beyroutePuree of chick peas, tahini (sesame seed paste) lemon juice and hot chili, served with Lebanese bread.. (Gluten Free , Vegan)
  13. €5.50Kibeh krassCracked wheat shell stuffed with minced lamb, spices, pine nuts, onions & fried
  14. €5.50Hommus bil tahiniTasty lebanese dip made with chick peas puree, sesame paste , and lemon juice topped with olive oil & served with lebanese bread.
  15. €5.50Sanbouseck jibnehFried pastry stuffed with feta & parsley, served with salad.
  16. €5.50Fatayer djajHome made pastry filled with chicken, garlic, spices & onions, served with salad and garlic dip.
  17. €5.50Jibneh halloumiFresh sliced tomatoes & halloumi cheese, with olives & drizzled with olive oil. (Gluten Free , Vegetarian)
  18. €5.50kobez-bil-djajVillage bread filled with tender chicken, garlic, onions & paprika served with garlic sauce
  19. €5.50ArayesGrilled Lebanese bread topped with minced lamb, onion, parsley & spices.
  20. €5.50Hommus bil lahmChick peas puree, lemon juice, tahini & pine nuts, topped with minced meat. Served with lebanese bread. (Gluten Free , Vegan)
  21. €10.50Vegetarian Starter Platter for 2Baba Ganuche, French beans, Fatayer Spinach, Moujadara & falafel, served with Lebanese bread
  22. €10.00Starter Platter for 2Hommous, Jawaneh, Falafel, Fatayer Spinach & Arayes, served with Lebanese bread.


  1. €10.50ShawarmaTender cuts of beef marinated with seven spices, garlic & Lebanese vinegar, served the traditional way & topped with sesame seed paste (Tarator sauce). (Gluten Free)
  2. €10.50Dawood bashaBeef meatballs cooked in tomato sauce, wine & apple dressing & spices. (Gluten Free)
  3. €10.50Kibeh halabiGrilled minced beef with fresh chilies, spices & onion, topped with chilli bread.
  4. €10.50Yaghne patataBeef stew cooked in rich tomato sauce, spices, potatoes & onions, garnished with coriander. (Gluten Free)


  1. €10.50Shish taoukGrilled skewers of chicken marinated in garlic, lemon, and a touch of spices served with garlic dip.
  2. €10.50Farouj mousahabCharcoal Half chicken, off the bone, marinated the old Lebanese way served with garlic mayonnaise.
  3. €10.50Shawarma DjajSliced fillet of chicken, marinated in 7 spices & pan-fried with Garlic, served with a ramekin of Tarator sauce.
  4. €10.50Djaj haraTender chicken cooked in chili sauce (to taste), onion & chicken spices.
  5. €10.50Djaj ma fouterPan fried chicken & mushrooms cooked in tomato sauce, spices, onion, and garlic


  1. €10.50Kafta meshouieyMinced leg of lamb, onion, parsley, and cinnamon, lightly spiced & grilled, served with salad.
  2. €10.50MeshouieyCharcoal brochettes fillet of lamb served in bed of lettuce served with garlic dip.
  3. €10.50Meshouiey-bil-labanSkewers of lamb marinated in yogurt & ginger, grilled & topped with home made yogurt.
  4. €10.50Meshouiey haraTender lamb cubes cooked in chili sauce (to taste), onion and seven spices
  5. €10.50Kafta-bil-souneyeMinced lamb with parsley, onion, spices & organic potatoes, topped with freshly sliced tomatoes cooked in tomato sauce & oven baked.


  1. €15.95SalmonBaked and topped with onion, coriander, garlic, tomato sauce, garnished with pine nuts.
  2. €15.95Cod FilletFillet of Cod, oven baked, topped with diced vegetables & fish spice sauce, garnished with lemon.
  3. €15.95Kouraydes MoukalaPan-Fried king prawns in homemade tomato , garlic and coriander & tahini sauce. Gluten Free
  4. €15.95SayoudeyeBasmati rice cooked with onion, fish spice, saffron, lemon grass topped with fillet of monkfish garnished with fresh coriander. Gluten Free


  1. €10.50Meshouiey mushakelA selection of skewer of shish taouk, skewer of meshouiey and a skewer of Kafta topped with chilli bread & served with garlic dip.
  2. €25.00Mushakel Platter for 2A selection of 2 skewers of Kafta, 2 Shish Taouk, 2 chicken kafta, 2 lamb cutlets, char-grilled and served with garlic mayonnaise, topped with chili bread.


  1. €10.50FalafelBroad beans & chick peas minced with fresh coriander, cumin, spices, fried & served with salad and tarator sauce. (Gluten Free, Vegan)
  2. €10.50Fatayer selectionFilo pastry – 2 spinach, 2 mixed vegetables & 2 Feta cheese, served with salad and chili dip. (Vegetarian)
  3. €10.50MagmourAubergine & chic pea casserole, cooked in a fresh mint & tomato sauce. (Gluten Free , Vegan)
  4. €10.50Vegetarian platterHommous, Mutable, Tabouleh, vine leaves, Falafel and Sanbouseck jibneh with Lebanese bread. (Vegetarian)
  5. €10.50FasouliaOrganic butter beans, onions & coriander, cooked in tomato sauce & spices. (Gluten Free , Vegan)


  1. €2.00Chili bread
  2. €2.00Regular rice
  3. €2.00Mixed salad
  4. €2.00Spiced potatoes (fresh coriander, gar...
  5. €2.00Basked of Lebanese bread
  6. €2.00Chips


  1. €1.00Garlic Sauce
  2. €1.00Tarator Sauce
  3. €1.00Chilli Sauce


  1. €5.00Chicken NuggetsServed with chips.
  2. €5.00Fish FingersServed with chips.
  3. €5.00Chicken BreastServed with chips.


  1. €7.00Dessert PlatterZnoud-el-sit/Baklawa & halawa
  2. €4.00Chocolate Fudge

    Served warm

  3. €4.00Znoud-el-sitRolled pastry filled with sweet cream covered with rose water syrup and pistachios.


  1. €15.00House WineWhite , Red or Rose


  1. €2.10Coke
  2. €2.00Diet Coke
  3. €2.107 UP
  4. €2.00Mineral Water
  5. €2.00Fanta

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